Date: August 8, 1963
Location: Railroad tracks between Glasgow and London.
The Target: A mail train carrying an estimated 100 million dollars(todays stanard) in used bank notes.
The Gang: Bruce Reynolds was the mastermind. He put together a gang of twenty individuals both men and women. Most famous of the gang members was Ronald Biggs.
Planning: Reynolds and his gang had studied the movement of trains for years before the actual robbery. They kept detailed records of the fire-engine routes, times of departure arrival and so on. They used an insider to find out which train would be carrying the most amount of money after the holiday season. That turned out to be the train that they would hit.
Strategy: On the straight stretch between Leighton Buzzard and Tring, the gang used a leather glove to cover the green light at a crossing and rigged the light to show red. Once the train stopped, they tied up the engineers and walked in and out with about 100 million dollars. NO GUNS were used in the entire robbery. It happened so fast that all of the workers on the train who weren't tied up had no idea what was going on.
Conclusion: Given the size of the crime, it was likely only a one time deal. If the twenty member devided the money evenly and invested it, they would get a return which they could live off of for the rest of their lives.